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Heroes can gain experience through levels, and will respawn if defeated. Having some trouble defending your kingdom from nasty orcs, trolls and sinister wizards? Today we present a helpful walkthrough guide to the first 12 levels of the game of the popular tower defense game Kingdom Rush from Ironhide Game Studio. Some reviewers are giving this low reviews because they think it is a clone of previous KR games.

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You can nowdownload and playhundreds of games for free! KingdomRush.iois a Kingdom Rush official fansite to the gameKingdom Rush for PC. Finally, there are nasty fiends all-around your castle, so make sure you equip your towers with a vast arsenal of weapons and traps! A free Kingdom Rush unblocked version can also be downloaded and played on PC here. I reached the final level yesterday and the game felt so short (but still awesome!).

These levels are part of the original release of the game. They do not require the Premium Content , and must be unlocked one after each other. These levels are part of the original release of the game and must be unlocked one after each other. These levels require the Premium Content to play , or are all unlocked when The Dark Tower is beaten. Five of the levels are part of mini-campaigns, and unlock new levels after they have been beaten. Despite the genre already boasting some of the best iPhone games around, Kingdom Rush still manages to shine as one of the best Tower Defence games, even in this more compact form.

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Barracks are the best tower to use in inconvenient locations, as having wide coverage over a path won’t benefit them like it does for ranged towers. And I am frustrated to see that the other levels and the other games are just so much more difficult, they are not “casual”, as the name implies. Vengeance is a lot easier than previous KR games, so much so that it has a fourth difficulty setting “Impossible” where the enemy health is almost one and a half times higher than it is on Normal mode. So if you are struggling with it, then again I have to point out, that it is not the game that is too difficult, it’s that you are not good enough. Sorry to put it bluntly like that, but you are quite simply having a little “it’s not fair” tantrum and expecting everything to be made simpler and dumbed-down for you. And as written elsewhere, I see this helpful information normally would like to play all levels of one game on Casual bevor starting the next game.

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