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This one may seem a little odd at first, but if you want to have a running start at the next level, all the while acquiring much needed gems and coins, run through the Fast Food Court levels a few times. Do keep in mind that there are “Gem Traps” within this introductory level that you should avoid. Especially notable is within level 17, there will be an offer for an automatic Burger and Hot Dog Machine for 15 gems.

The cooking madness cooking game allows you to pursue your cooking dreams and manage restaurants in exotic places in the world. Open, cook, and serve delicious meals that will make you a master cook if you can keep up with the market and your customers. This fast pace will have you dashing into different restaurants to restore them as you improve your cooking expertise. Get into the crazy world of running, and satisfying customers is this rollercoaster ride into the culinary world. Available on multiple devices, this cooking game has over 50 million downloads on Google Play Store with over a million great reviews attesting to the exciting journey that the game offers.

Overview Of Cooking Fever:

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In the Shop, you can also watch ads in exchange for 200 coin gifts. Unfortunately, there’s no such offer when it comes to Gems, so you’ll just have to make-do with the methods we’ve outlined above to get more of them. If you’re willing to install Nordcurrent’s older restaurant game Cooking Fever on your device, you will automatically receive an infusion of 3,000 coins into your Airplane Chefs account.

Cooking Fever Guide & Secrets

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The reason I give a 4 star is the upgrade are too pricey. Also some “challenge” levels makes me a little frustrated. Overall this is a great game, fun to play, hope more restaurants are coming out soon. The five systems’ customers should boil vigorously, for at least one minute, all water used for consumption.

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