Best Wood Carving Tools

Flexcut Carving Tools, Carving Chisels And Gouges Review

Mastering the skill of wood carving needs control over the blade and knowing the softness of the wood. This high-quality blade will make both easier to deal with. Now you have a better understanding of what makes a great whittling knife to carve wood and you can set out to find one or even a few that work best for your needs. We have also provided several choices below from the best makers of whittling knives jump into the list now.

1 3/8″ Blade, Straight Gouge, Gouge Scorp, and V-Scorp with blade locks. Aluminum handle. An excellent multi-purpose knife offers you a wide variety of tools allowing you to deliver more productivity per job. Flexibility is the name of the game as far as whittling is concerned.

Shipley sells on his site for around the same price also. They are priced right but I would still like to get something that is not going to fall apart on me even if I have to pay a bit more. Wanted to order the Flexcut but read a lot of reviews that don’t speak to highly of the quality. Kinda leary of the brand now especially since I saw where it appeared that they basically gave a customer with a problem knife hush money to save face. Now I know this is the internet and anyone can say anything they want to destroy someone’s name but there are several reviews of poor quality on the forums.

flexcut whittling knife review

They snap into the ABS handle in either direction, but I think the handle is supposed to bend down when you are cutting. Honestly I don’t think it matters as long as you are comfortable. I used the handle both ways, depending on how I was cutting.

#05 Morakniv Carving 164 Hook Knife With Carbon Steel Blade

If I can have 2 of the 3 I am happy, but the Whittlin’ Jack covers all 3 for most of my whittling needs. There is no fancy tools, it opens and closes, and it comes with exactly the knives I need to make a cool wood carving. It’s worth pointing out, too, that a set of custom or semi-custom wood carving knives doesn’t cost anywhere near what a custom pocket knife would.

Many features make the Morakniv wood carving knife unique. It has a great selection of blades, and you won’t find better quality for the price. If we’re being really picky though, it would be nice to have a variation flexcut whittling knives in the shape of the handle. As it’s completely cylindrical, it doesn’t give you any clues as to which way the blade is facing. If you’ve been whittling for hours, the mirror-finished steel can fool your eyes.

This product is a Detail Knife (1- 1/2″ long) and a Roughing Knife (2″ long) combo. The blades are made from Flexcut’s high carbon steel and are pre-sharpened to a razor’s edge. This two-bladed whittling knife could be a good choice since it provides the most needed blades any carver could need.

Beavercraft Deluxe S15x Wood Carving Whittling Knives

With the three basic spoon carving knives, you will get sheaths for each knife. Not to mention the gloves, and other polishing accessories, and an aesthetic bamboo box to complement the whole kit. A leather cover is included in the package for the safety of yourself and the knife as well. I find it surprising for offering a money-back guarantee and warranty for a piece of low-cost equipment, but it is true.

If you’re really wrenching on it, it’s possible to snap them or crack the handles, but that’s very unlikely. I was surprised at how light the Carvin’ Jack was; at 3.5 oz. Personally, I would rather have a slightly heavier tool with more blade options, but your mileage may vary here. BTW chip craving is an easy way to get started – as many would argue that you only need 2 or 3 knives. Benjamen Johnson grew up watching his dad work as a contractor and woodworker. He became an electrical engineer and took an interest in woodworking.

  • If you are new to whittling, having the best whittling knife can make a huge difference in the results one can achieve.
  • This design makes them perfect for convex surfaces and the go-to type of tool for sculpture work.
  • The knife is very comfortable to use, is well balanced and is a good size.

When you add that up, you are getting degrees – which is far too high in our opinion. I am the creator of Knife Guides, your one-stop site for everything related to knives. I am a computer engineer by profession, knife aficionado by passion. Here I work with a group of people who’ve always had a passion for knives and blades. Over the years we’ve kind of become experts and decided to share our knowledge and ideas. The blade is also flexible enough to give the desired level of control over the cuts.

The high carbon steel blade is short, at just 1.37 inches, giving new whittlers the control they need to help make precise cuts while remaining safety conscious. The blade is thin and flexible, allowing you to whittle precision details into the wood, though the length of the blade is not ideal for broad, flat cuts. This knife comes pre-sharpened so that you can begin whittling as soon as you find a suitable piece of wood.

The stainless steel is useful in providing anti-corrosion to the knife. This wood crafting knife also uses a wood-grain handle to offer optimum comfort to those handling it. Wood carving in particular is a fun hobby that can help put the mind at ease and keep the hands busy. Those who spend enough time wood carving can make intricate works as well as unique gifts for special occasions. Here at Hobby Jump, we want you to take a closer look at the art of wood carving, and we’ve already put together the best tools for you to be able to get started. Just as the fixed blade Flexcut whittling knives are excellent so is this Carvin’ Jack Multi-Tool.

it’s a couple years old and is my first choice for knives. I bought the sheath because I think the beauty of knife carving is the portability. I like to walk in the woods pick up a stick and whittle some faces into it. I see no benefit in having a collection of knives, I have several that I never use. If you’ve tried a knife that you really like, might as well stick with what you already know is good.

What Are The Best Wood Carving Tools For Beginners?

The set also comes with a tool roll for keeping everything organized and stored. If you whittle much you will want to stop and sharpen your knife. Luckily this kit includes a strop and honing compound to help you out. This knife from Clarke Brothers, not an ordinary name-less hook knife.