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6 Classes Discovered Dating In Russia While Training Russian

6 Classes Discovered Dating In Russia While Training Russian

Stephanie Ford • 11 min read • 12

Today’s post is by Stephanie, another Australian who may have started learning Russian while teaching in Russia.

In this post she stocks about her experience as a lady dating in Russia while learning the language. This can be a subject we have actually too much to state about actually I partly credit with helping me learn the language so quickly (links to my story below) as I had a Russian girlfriend during my time in Kazan which.

Therefore it’s interesting to listen to another perspective – especially one which respects the standard values of Russian culture. ??

Russia is portrayed to your western as being a cool, difficult destination with a few magical architecture, countless vodka shots, and a leader who dances with bears and whom, for many unfathomable reason, never ever wears a top.

The folks are portrayed within the countless US movies featuring Russians as spies or people of gangs whom continue steadily to reference one another solely as comrade (which, incidentally, is a term that came into English through the Romance languages and it is never A russian term! Whom knew?! ).

Whilst it really is cool, vodka undoubtedly exists, and calendars having a shirtless putin and puppies aren’t an issue, you can find a thousand misconceptions about Russian tradition and folks.

After residing right right here for very long sufficient to get a significant glimpse into Russian tradition, here you will find the things that i really want you to understand about Russia and Russians: