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ICE: Introduce, Cite, and Explain The Proof

ICE: Introduce, Cite, and Explain The Proof

Body paragraphs in scholastic essays have proof that supports debatable main a few ideas that can be found in subject sentences, and writers that are responsible certain to introduce, cite, and explain quotes and paraphrases used as evidence.

INTRODUCE: Introduce all your valuable quotes introductory that is using. Below are a few examples:

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  • Based on Michael Smith, “you should utilize the author’s first and last title whenever you cite that writer the very first time in your paper” (1).
  • As Smith describes, “you can introduce your quotes by having a quantity of different expressions” (1).
  • Smith shows that “if the introduction to your quote is not a clause that is dependent it does not should be followed by a comma” (1).
  • Smith observes the next inside the article: “by using a colon to introduce an estimate, you will need a complete phrase preceding the colon” (1).

CITE: Provide appropriate parenthetical citations for several quotes and paraphrases ( not summaries). Look at the appropriate style guide for guidelines, e.g. MLA, APA, and Chicago. Below are a few recommendations for MLA design citation:

  • If the author’s name seems into the introduction to your quote or perhaps into the paraphrase, it doesn’t need certainly to can be found in the reference that is parenthetical once the citations above illustrate.
  • In the event that author’s name doesn’t come in the introduction to your estimate, the title must come in the parenthetical reference. Start to see the example that is following of cited paraphrase:

Some professors at UM simply simply take points away from your paper that is final grade you don’t cite paraphrased or quoted product precisely (Smith 1).