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Without a doubt about I attempted to join up for Verizon Fios. It Changed Into a Nightmare

Without a doubt about I attempted to join up for Verizon Fios. It Changed Into a Nightmare

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It’s difficult to argue using the figures. In NYC, Fios offers 100-Mbps rates for $40 each month for starters 12 months, capping down at $55 each month on a yearly basis thereafter. Compare that to RCN, which was in fact recharging me personally $65 per thirty days for 50 Mbps.

My previous roomie alerted me personally to Verizon’s $40 deal, in which he stated it mightnot have been simpler. a professional arrived inside my old roomie’s new apartment, went a cable, confirmed one thing on a laptop computer and had been away once again in under one hour. With a suggestion that way, why would i wish to hold on to my clunky, old RCN service?

The professional said that starting Fios during my apartment was not feasible unless we had authorization from my landlord to perform a cable over my roof, protected that cable along the front associated with building and drill a hole then through my front wall surface. I would likewise require authorization through the landlord across the street to run cable through their garden and by way of a fence.

We visited Verizon Fios’ site, that has a handy address-checker that can let you know ahead of time if the solution will come in your building. The web site stated it ended up being. Being exceedingly cautious with technology, we called up Verizon customer care to validate. A representative seemed up my apartment that is brand new and me personally that it might be “no issue” to setup solution here. In the end, the lady within the apartment right next to mine had Fios, therefore setting it up set up could not be that most of an inconvenience.