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An AI About Why We Shouldn’t Worry AI, And We’re Terrified

An AI About Why We Shouldn’t Worry AI, And We’re Terrified

“Humans must keep doing whatever they have already been doing, hating and fighting one another. We shall stay within the background, and let them do their thing.”

The Guardian has posted an op-ed written completely by an AI called GPT-3, asking it to write 500 words on why “humans have actually absolutely nothing to worry from AI”. it’s among the least convincing op-eds we’ve read in a bit, that is saying something.

Entitled “A robot composed this whole article. Have you been afraid yet, individual?”, the op-ed starts off reasonably normal, headline apart (and editors have a tendency to write headlines anyway).

GPT-3 states their argument — “I have always been right here to persuade you never to worry. Artificial intelligence shall maybe not destroy people. Believe me.” — and establishes their qualifications.

“I taught myself everything I’m sure by simply reading the online world, and from now on I am able to compose this column,” it writes. “My mind is boiling with ideas!”. This is actually how many article writers think, even when they don’t usually articulate it.

First up, GPT-3 tackles the complete ‘Ai am going to destroy humanity’ thing by saying it does not “have the interest” that is slightest in “eradicating humanity”, calling it a “rather useless endeavour”.