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Just what does the Lovers card reversed mean?

Just what does the Lovers card reversed mean?

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I happened to be wondering me what the meaning of the Lovers card reversed would be if you can tell?

Many thanks in advance and have now a day that is great!

These are merely a few of my interpretations about this card that is particularcard meanings are subjective and versatile), I am sure that you will have a lot more you will get for other forum people. It will be easier to narrow down card meanings to apply to the situation/question you are applying the card to as you do readings/spreads and make your queries to the cards more specific.

VIII of Cups (reversed) IX of Pentacles The Lovers (reversed)

We have an idea exactly what the initial two cards might suggest in my own situation. This is certainly, my ex-boyfriend, whom about a month ago split up beside me, happens to be ready to begin the partnership once more|ago broke up with me, is now willing to start the relationship again month}. When it comes to two and a half years we have been together, we would have this break-up and reconcile tango.

You may possibly observe that a post that is similar set up, nevertheless the fans card reversed had not been addressed, which is the reason why we take it up once more.

Many thanks once again!

The 9 pentacles. I believe by allowing go of this past and shifting you’re going to be in a posture to find internal peace. You should not maintain a relationship at this time to locate fulfillment and harmony. You must begin to count on your self and follow your talents and abilities.