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>Slam Poetry and Spoken WordWhat is this plain thing called slam poetry?

>Slam Poetry and Spoken WordWhat is this plain thing called slam poetry?

Slam poetry is where available mic becomes a competition. Contestants have three minutes with no more to execute a initial work. Props, costumes and musical accompaniment are not allowed. Exceeding three full minutes earns time penalty. The reader is then judged for a scale of zero to ten by five judges selected from the audience. Both quality for the writing and performance are considered. The high and scores that are low trashed. The remaining three are totaled to make the reader’s score for that round.

With respect to the size for the industry, the scoring competitors that are lowest may be cut. Only the high ratings will advance to the round that is next. In a competition that is large there could be three rounds. Whoever finishes aided by the highest score that is combined a cash reward. Where I’m from, that’s $50. 2nd and place that is third up with a gag prize worth a money or two.

Primary, very first place gets three points, 2nd gets two and 3rd gets one. At the end for the Kansas City escort girl period, authors because of the point totals that are highest compete to do at the nationals. No matter what the pay is, that is serious promotion for some guy or chick complaining about an ex-lover in a cafe.

It Ain’t Poetry

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I’m not saying it’s better or worse.