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Hong Kong Police Charge into Class Playground, Attack Teen Protesters

Hong Kong Police Charge into Class Playground, Attack Teen Protesters

Hong Kong police played rough once more on charging into a crowd of student protesters and tackling one teenager with enough force to send him to the hospital tuesday.

The incident came as Chinese state news issued another belligerent warning the “traitors” of the protest motion “have no idea of China’s power and will as a rising country.”

The incident of police physical violence happened at Confucian Tai Shing Ho Kwok Pui Chun College (HKPC), the place where a band of about 60 pupils and adults collected on Tuesday morning to demonstrate meant for the Hong Kong “ student strike ” that began Monday.

The Hong Kong complimentary Press described police arriving regarding the scene for no apparent reason and getting real aided by the demonstrators

Once the students had been planning to leave, a few officers charged ahead plus one officer tackled students outside a neighbourh d playground.

F tage shot by Cupid Producer showed the learning student dropping to the ground. He had been seen bleeding from his chin and mouth afterward.

In accordance with Apple day-to-day, at least four of the learning students had been stopped and searched before being allowed to keep. Paramedics later on addressed the student that is injured t k him to the medical center. One officer also reportedly scraped their arm when he dropped.

It was ambiguous why officers were summoned towards the scene, though the vice-principal associated with college stated in a statement they didn’t phone the authorities.