pool vacuum

Nine out of ten times, a swimming pool is the first thing which crosses one’s mind whenever one thinks about clear blue skies with brilliant sunshine. After all, there is nothing as relaxing or refreshing as taking a refreshing dip in a swimming pool on a hot summer day. From being a gathering place for friends, it is also the ready-to-go place for parties.

However, as is the case with other fun things in life, it takes some work to keep the fun going. An unclean pool is a strict no-no as it is unsafe both for its owner and others. Cleaning your pool from time to time is as important as grooming a pet or making occasional oil changes to a car. Apart from keeping a pool in a sparkling condition, the act of cleaning a swimming pool from time to time also makes it look reliable to others.

Do you own a swimming pool? Are you seeking ways to ensure proper maintenance schedule, so it does not become a breeding ground for bugs, algae, and other small animals? If your answer is yes, the good news is that there are ways to do so without a hassle. Yes, that’s right. The excellent pool cleaners from intex pool vacuum will help you accomplish the task without breaking a sweat.

While it can be a little tricky to bring your pool back to its normal condition when you slip its maintenance schedule for a while, you can make the task a lot easier with a smart cleaner.

Do not leave the prospect of cleaning your swimming pool to chance. Use the best equipment in the market to prevent various elements from cutting its life to half. Here is a list of the ten top-notch vacuum cleaners in which you can invest your hard-earned money without the slightest of hesitation.



Manufactured by Maytronics – one of the pool vacuum head companies in building pool cleaning equipment around the world – the Dolphin Premier is a leading residential pooling cleaning option available in the market at present. Most people value it over other suction side pool cleaners due to its high-tech features.

Armed with a smart navigation system, namely SmartNav mapping system, it comes across with a number of media and dual filter cartridges. In order to cut down the excessive consumption of energy, the product is equipped with a superior DC motor.

The groundbreaking design of the product is meant to set the high standard. Its excellent DC motors are meant to reduce the consumption of energy up to 87 percent.

Dolphin Premier stands out among all the types of best pool vacuum pool cleaners available in the market due to its Multi-media feature. Whether one wants to clean the fine debris and algae or remove bushel of leaves, Dolphin cleaner has the perfect solution to meet both the requirements.

Lastly, it also comes with an anti-tangle swivel to provide the highest efficiency while cleaning the pool. It works well in conjunction with SmartNav Pool Surface Scanning.


As an in-ground pool cleaner, Dolphin brings a plethora of powerful features to the table. Some of these features include the following:

  • It is energy-efficient
  • Dolphin is based on Multi-media technology with as many as 4 media
  • It consists of oversized debris bags
  • The equipment possesses an excellent swivel system along with a 360-degree rotation to facilitate tangle-free operation
  • It has two scrubbing brushes to clean the pool surface off dirt with ease
  • The product comes with a warranty of up to 3 years.