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Shunsuke Ikezoe’s bravery challenged Japan’s implicit “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

Shunsuke Ikezoe’s bravery challenged Japan’s implicit “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

Terrace House’s first member that is openly LGBT Japan’s lack of knowledge toward sexual minorities

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By Annelise Giseburt Dec 23, 2018 9 min read

This short article contains spoilers up to episode 38 of Terrace House Opening New D rs.

Since its first in 2012, the primary gas of Netflix and Fuji TV’s reality show Terrace home, which throws together three girls and three dudes in cohabitation, was heterosexual relationships. But in episode 32 regarding the recently finished Part 5 of Opening New D rs, an freely LGBT cast user joined your house when it comes to time that is first.

Meet Shunsuke Ikezoe. He’s 21, lives in Tokyo, and it is learning (thus far, with success) to become a makeup and hair musician. Although he’s been in relationships with women, for the previous couple of years he’s been slowly questioning their sexuality. And he’s started to Terrace home to locate responses.

In Japan, it is no thing that is small be freely queer, aside from on worldwide tv. LGBT individuals definitely don’t enjoy extensive representation in main-stream news, and many hesitate to turn out to coworkers and family unit members for concern about discrimination or non-acceptance. Shunsuke isn’t just remarkable for being Terrace House’s first freely LGBT cast member — he’s remarkable if you are therefore courageous.

Being released

On Shunsuke’s first time in your house, Takayuki Nakamura asks the desired, producer-fed question, “Why did you started to Terrace House?” Shunsuke replies, “I’m probably bi. I’m able to get both means. It is not necessarily clear if you ask me yet either. We have actuallyn’t told anybody, and I also don’t know for many myself. About myself, it could help to make things more clear for me personally.