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Tribes, Tribalism And Consumer Behaviour

Tribes, Tribalism And Consumer Behaviour

Coca-Cola has done a great job at this, for example with their Dia del Amigos promotion in Latin America. With an emphasis on friendship and cooperation, the brand did not limit itself to going after millennials, but rather placed the promotional vending machines everywhere from college cafeterias to workplace break rooms. What you have to be careful of, though, is thinking that the first demographic segment you find is representative of the total market, or even the essence of your market. When you look at behavior first, the “essence” of the brand will not be defined by demographics, but by passion. It would be easy to represent the brand as an empty-nester corporate executive longing for Margaritaville. But for many years now, the brand has been promising the essence of “the beach life” – whether man or woman, corporate exec or stay-at-home parent.

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By downloading the Seahawks app, fans can use their phone camera to raise the game day flag on any flat surface. As the flag is raised, the crowd roars to bring the stadium community to any individual fan.

Alongside that experimentation, there comes a greater influence of different cultures around the world, and with it is a greater variety of “norms” or conventions. There is no real difference between communities, tribes, segments and clusters; they are simply different names, used interchangeably to talk about the same thing.

It’s obvious what would interest the cycling tribe about insurance, but it also raises the aspect of road safety which is of huge interest to the cyclist. Also the issues around bike insurance and not social media intelligence tool getting your bike stolen in the first place. So an article about the “Ten best locks to use to stop your bike being stolen”, would be a perfect overlap for the subject of insurance and cycling.

Introducing Customer 360

Eventually, the whole organization will be well served by integrating listening and participation or collaboration with fans as part of their work lives. As Diegoli explains in the interview, the company has a mechanism to involve the various verticals inside the organization, so they can respond to questions and join conversations. It’s also good to let your engineers see what issues customers are facing, so they can think about how to improve models. With a mission to solve this issue she decided to start a company that will provide both – digital marketing strategy and execution needed for growth. Because an excellent execution requires an excellent team, she dedicated a lot of effort and financial investment into coaching Tribe47 troops – now consisting of almost 40 in-house specialists.

There’s a group for migraine sufferers, Houston Dog lovers, and even a Porsche Club of America. Artifacts are the elements that exist even after an AR experience has ended. By using artifacts to create a sharable campaign, you can reach a greater audience and tap into the ​mild narcissism​ of average consumers. A campaign’s reach is also increased if bystanders can engage with the campaign. To ensure that your campaign fosters engaging IDTEs, you can use artifacts to create a shareable, live tribal experience.

Nike felt the benefits of connecting on a deeper level with those members outweighed the negative effects of losing some members from the disconnect, and their sales further proved the justification of this bold approach. Ad Age recently released that Nike’s revenue jumped 10% over the year-earlier period. Forrester’s 2018 Customer Experience Index, the way an experience makes customers feel influences brand loyalty more than any other factor. Nearly 95% of consumers who are given a personalized offer based on their identity would redeem it. creates a personalized offer for a consumer tribe that aligns with its brand, and invites prospects to take advantage of it through whatever channels the company normally uses. 86% of people say authenticity matters when deciding what brands they like and support.

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Of course, this ‘target the tribe’ approach to exceptional marketing isn’t a new notion. Mega companies like DeBeers Jewellery conquered this concept decades ago through ingenious implementation of outbound marketing methods. For sake of example, lets take a closer look at their success. The Internet is crawling with groups of people, subconsciously forming tribes around nearly every interest niche you can think of.

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This holds the tribe back, and with it, your tribal marketing strategies. However, the challenge for businesses is how to engage with these tribes without simply doing so on a product/service promotional basis. Such a sales-led approach would be treating tribes as a brand community, and would likely be easily seen through by today’s savvy shoppers. It’s also liable to result in a distrust that ‘they’re only in it for themselves’ rather than a genuine desire to inspire and facilitate. Remember that any interaction that people have with your brand through the tribe environment still contributes to their overall customer experience of your company.

Choosing which tribes to target may be an art in itself, but if you collate a list of the most active tribes online, who have a good disposable income and who are fanatics. You would find it useful to create content that serves both your tribe and the tribe of the Mamil. Even so called boring industries such as insurance and credit can have an overlap.

Of course, the concept of ‘tribes’ isn’t a new one by any stretch of the imagination. Over a decade ago, for instance, Bernard Cova was talking about tribes and how people’s need to recreate new connections would impact marketing. But technology – and more specifically the internet – has now matured and penetrated society to such a degree that this tribal behaviour has now stepped from the pages of sociological textbooks into the real world. The emergence of tribal communities has got the marketing world in a spin, with gurus such as the mighty Seth Godin entering the debate on how businesses should engage with these social groups.

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The Seahawks used AR to create ​personalized interactions for existing tribe members while also expanding the tribe. By giving tribe members the ability to “raise the flag” in their unique location, it created one-of-a-kind, individualized experiences.

Brands need to differentiate themselves from the competition. By building brand integrity that coincides with the feelings of their advocates, brands will attract members to the “tribe” and intensify loyalty. , the practice of identifying consumers as a group based on common collective behaviors rather than demographics, is gaining popularity. These customers set themselves apart with a shared way of thinking, common experiences, and lifestyle. is important because it enables brands to better understand their consumers and the niche groups that exist within their customer base or social media followers. It provides a more interesting and sophisticated way of segmenting audiences, which opens up new insights and opportunities. It also enables brands to connect with their audience on an emotional level, which is extremely important for building brand affinity. In summary, find a disconnect, then, provide value by leading others in need of connection or leadership. If you’re interested in learning more about how a long term tribal marketing strategy could help your organization gain better consumer insights to grow your brand, then contact us at Connexion Research to learn more.